About Us


Established in 2015 as a blog, Vunja Kimya Foudation is an International Non- Governmental Organization, that works collaboratively with all stakeholders in formulation of innovative, practical and sustainable solutions in eliminating SGBV.

Vunja Kimya Foundation is working to offer specialized forensic medical legal services, the first of it’s kind in Kenya, to empower medical, legal and police professionals in implementing winning strategies to combat SGBV in Kenya.


To positively and significantly contribute to a society free of sexual, domestic and gender based violence as well as child abuse and in the inopportune circumstances that it occurs, to see justice dealt out fairly to both the victim and perpetrator ; all in the hope of ensuring that children can grow up in a natural child friendly environment;

while reducing the risk of continued child abuse and its devastating long term effects in subsequent generations


We seek to create a collaborative space that creates awareness on matters appertaining to sexual, domestic and gender based violence as well as child violence of any form with the aim of eliminating all stigma associated with the above mentioned issues.


The objectives fall under 3 principles outlined below that will be the guideline for implementation of VunjaKimya activities.

Forensic Medical Legal Services: Harmonizing Forensic medical legal services in order to ensure efficiency in service delivery to the general public


Knowledge Management: Develop and manage a repository and learning space of information and data on SGBV in the Kenya with the aim of analysing and communicating the information to the relevant stakeholders.

Partnerships: Establishment of a collaborative free space that empowers all stakeholders to take timely and relevant action at community and national level.




Training of professionals on forensic and medicolegal principles according to international standards for the management of victims/survivors of Sexual and gender based Violence and Child abuse. We aim to build capacity by conducting trainings and engaging community through advocacy and outreach programs.


The media has proved to be very beneficial in information dissemination. Our outreach methods are heavily embedded in media- related platforms. Embracing media results in

Production of at least two video documentaries and 30 short videos annually highlighting the various dynamics of violence against women ,children and men.

Biannual events addressing self care and protective interventions that community can engage in to minimize harm by perpetrators

Web- based advocacy encouraging survivors/victims to speak out and receive the help they need for recovery and rehabilitation

Creation of an application allowing easier interdisciplinary communication for rescue purposes nationwide.


Given the vast deficit in rescue capacity, we intend to engage stakeholders and partners to:

Support existing structures to establish a One Stop Center of excellence, eradicating the numerous crucial gaps presented In our current systems that result in low convictions secure resources required to erect Rescue shelters for women and children victims of violence.


Fostering multidisciplinary partnerships with professionals and relevant organizations within the Criminal Justice System to aid in holistic support for survivors/victims of violence.


Creation of a platform designed to identify, recognize and honor humanitarian individuals in our society who have undertaken rescue missions to save lives. This promotes community response to distress among our people.


  1. Integrity
  2. Empowerment
  3. Professionalism
  4. Ethical Conduct
  5. Advocacy

Providing a safe space for anyone to air their views without fear of judgment or condemnation by creating an atmosphere whereby one feels that someone cares and recognizes their issues.

We also have a keen interest in advocating for children’s rights to be upheld by speaking up for equity in opportunities for empowerment for children, regardless of their gender especially at a time whereby the boy child seems to be neglected.

To sum it all up; Vunja Kimya aims to be a voice for the voiceless by advocating for breaking the silence on stigma related issues especially for children.


Dr. Kizzie Shako: Founder of Vunja Kimya Foundation and Chairperson of the board

Dr. Kizzie Shako  is  a Medical Practitioner working under the Division of Forensic and Pathology Services, Ministry of Health,  Kenya and currently seconded to the National Police Service as a Police Surgeon. She has received training in various fields of Forensic Pathology, namely Dead Body Management, Disaster victim Identification Post mortem examination, and Death investigation.  She has acquired in-depth knowledge and skills in Clinical Forensic Medicine including Injury Interpretation, Adult and Child Sexual Violence, and Non Accidental injuries in Children.

Dr. Shako is actively involved in development of policy, standard operating procedures and manuals for both government and non-government organizations. She  is an active Technical Working Group member for Guidelines for Management of sexual violence, Independent Medico Legal Unit, National Coroner’s bill, SOPs for Clinical Forensic Practitioners among others.

Given the nature of her work with victims of violence, she is driven to make a positive impact in her community to reduce the cases of sexual and domestic violence, to capacity build key players involved in the outcome of rehabilitation and restoration and justice for victims. This desire motivated initiation of VUNJAKIMYA, a blog where she addresses sensitive issues and gives advise highlighting key elements of violence. Since then, the blog has grown into the foundation and she is still a very active human rights defender for both the victims and perpetrators of SGBV, championing for the use of proper forensic standards in the Criminal Justice System.

Dr. Njeri Kamere : C.E.O, Vunja Kimya Foundation

Dr. Njeri Kamere is a medical practitioner with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB) , a postgraduate degree in Master of Science Public Health in Developing Countries (MSc PHDC) and is currently undertaking a second postgraduate degree in Masters of Medicine Ophthalmology (MMED Ophthal.) from The University of Nairobi. She has a strong working background in the field of medical research particularly in working with women and child and adolescent HIV medicine for over 7 years hence her keen interest in SGBV. She also has demonstrated experience working in Coordination positions in NGOs both in Kenya and South Africa making her ideal for the C.E.O. position. She is a passionate self driven individual with utmost respect for work ethics as well as motivated to create a positive impact among vulnerable populations.


Kimberly Wanjriu : Programs Coordinator ; Vunja Kimya Foundation.

Ms. Kimberly Wanjiru is both the programs coordinator and secretary to the board. She is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Arts degree focused in Psychology at Kenyatta University and is in charge of managing the volunteers, organising and overseeing all programs at the foundation, including outreach programs, psychological assessments,  as well as developing new programs tailored to the foundation’s annual work plan. She has been at the foundation since its inception in 2017 and is particularly interested in Forensic Psychology, the junction at which psychology and the criminal justice system intersect.



Elvis B.N. Abenga

Mr. Elvis Abenga is an advocate of the High Court of Kenya, one the founding partners of BLOC. He is also the Managing Partner of Begi’s Law Offices and Chambers. He is a holder of a Master of Laws (LL.M) specializing in Dispute Resolution from the University of Cape Town, a Post Graduate Diploma in Law from the Kenya School of Law as well as a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) Honours from Moi University. He is in the process of finalizing his doctoral program at the University of Cape Town specializing in Commercial Law. Mr. Abenga is privileged to have been trained as a trial lawyer by the National Institute for Trial Advocacy (NITA), an American Trial Advocacy Training Institute.

As a litigator, Mr. Abenga has been privileged to perfect the art of courtroom litigation through engaging in client representation at various courts of law in the land, including the Court of Appeal. Mr. Abenga is a member of the Law Society of Kenya, the International Court of Justice and is a litigator and children rights protector with the CRADLE Foundation. His legal chops and passion for justice have won him several awards including the pro bono lawyer of the year award by CRADLE. He is currently pursuing his PhD in Law at University of Cape Town.

Diana Mbogo – Head of Fundraising

Mrs. Mbogo has her professional background in Law. She has however mastered the fine art of fundraising within her circles and networks of which she is very resourceful.

Dr. Dorothy Mwacharo Shako – Treasurer

Having her professional background in Dentistry, she is also a Reverend and has years of experience both as a medic as well as in organizing and coordinating Medical camps.