VunjaKimya was founded by a single individual who has observed countless acts of violence mainly targeted at children and women among all socioeconomic status groups, young, old, regardless of the race or tribe . Dr Kizzie Shako noted a critical gap in the society at various levels, such health care sector, the members of our society, judiciary, police service, lawyers, prosecutors to mention a few. The blog was created to educate our society about basic risk factors that contribute to these acts of violence, the dynamics and driving forces behind Intimate partner violence, sexual violence and child abuse.

Dr Shako, after going through several traumatic experiences by way of managing victims in trouble, as well as her own personal experiences and those of her loved ones, has also set to share some life’s lessons and equip young ladies with information that is not normally forthcoming from others, that can assist them to make informed decisions where selection of partners, self respect, retaining dignity and a myriad of other important  items in life are concerned. This Information is captured and highlighted in short real-life stories for a greater impact.

The blog is also intended to shed light on various sections of  Kenyan law ,children’s  rights, documentation processes, as well as information for medical personnel, that are relevant to the management of different forms of violence.

The long term goal is to assist as many people as possible with knowledge  that can help save a life. VunjaKimya hopes to  establish partnerships with other like-minded individuals, agencies and organisations in an effort to make a positive impact in our community. One person saved, is better than none.

Welcome to VunjaKimya! Let’s break the silence.