Many are aware of the “save the boys’ series of articles I have been posting in my blog to raise awareness of issues that boys and men face and potential criminal offences they may find themselves having committed unknowingly. For weeks I have been lamenting about where one can find a good mentor, a male mentor who can identify with boys and men and make a difference in their lives.Through various networking platforms I finally had the pleasure of meeting Eric Gitubia, ED and Co-founder of Carpe Diem Consultancy, who mentors young boys and youth about their crucial roles in society.

I am thrilled to have established a rapport with him and even more so to share his eye-opening article on my blog.


Africa is the most youthful continent. 65% of the population is below 35years of age and by year 2020 it is projected that 3 out of 4 people the average age will be 20 years!

Staggering statistics!

In Kenya about 42% of the population is below 14 years of age. That means that almost half the population is in their teenage years. When President Barrack Obama was in town last weekend he kept making references to the ‘half team’ that’s not playing. In his speech he alluded to the fact that this half team is girls only. Well, I disagree with him and here’s why.

Now, before we get our snickers into a twist let me make it clear that this is from my own personal observance through my interactions with young people. There is ‘Half a Team’ that’s missing from the game. But that half isn’t girls only. The world believes that the girl child is in danger, in a sense she is. But not from being ‘unpowered’ but rather from a boy who isn’t ‘empowered’. A boy who is weak, abused, ignored and left to his own devises is far more dangerous than one who is empowered and aware of his masculinity and role in society. I admire the American Presidents fortitude and charisma, but I dare say it was misplaced on this topic. The half team actually has more boys than girls, the boys are trying to find a place for themselves in a society where the girl child has more opportunity presented to her than the boy child has. Looking at the job market in Kenya, more women get employed and stay in employment vs. men; The Men don’t stay for too long, they are restless. And I’ll tell you why, the man is lost. He knows deep within him that there is more to life, he wants to find it; unfortunately he’s lost in a jungle somewhere-within his mind. He has been told for far too long that he can’t be anything better than the negative portrayed models. A Thug, Irresponsible, Wasteful, Weak, Foolish and Lost

You don’t find girls sitting at the ‘Jobless Corner’. Its young men passing time and counting cars, while they regal each other with tall tales. In our universities, the girl is in class while the boy is out there ‘hustling’ and getting into trouble. At the job market it’s the boy who is unmotivated and constantly angry. The drug and alcohol problem has directly affected the boy more, and because he can’t keep a job he becomes ‘creative’ about funding his endeavors. That is the reality. That is the real ‘Half Team’ President Obama was talking about.

A healthy vibrant society is where both male and females are empowered and are aware of their valuable contribution to society. That is why Carpe Diem works with the boy child. He has been neglected; by society and now the American President as well (pun intended).But we can write a different story for our sons. We can help them find their place in society, help them discover their potential and teach them to exploit it for a brighter better future. He can be the very best that a Man can be and live out his role as God intended for Men. And if we succeed in doing that, the girl child will no longer be at threat; Research is clear that the greatest threat to the girl child is a boy who isn’t empowered, then let’s simply change that.

If we do that, then those statistics up there will mean only one thing. A positive, exciting and refreshing future, because the future belongs to them, if the boy isn’t helped to find the right path woe unto us all